Bharat Ke Liye

‘Bharat Ke Liye’ captures the essence of OPPI’s commitment towards India, one that’s backed by innovative solutions with a mission to improve the country’s healthcare infrastructure. OPPI has been a strong partner to the nation since the pre-independence, with a strong Indian ethos and a deep understanding of the country’s complex fabric, we have been investing in India to build a healthier and stronger country. ​ This is our legacy and our promise for the future. ​We will continue to partner with the Government to advance its vision of Healthcare for All, investing in building India’s capability to solve for health challenges of its people & the world at large.​ It’s important now more than ever before ​to CONVERGE, COLLABORATE, and CO-CREATE with the Government and other stakeholders in India​.

Bharat Ke Liye - Logo

OPPI is an organisation committed to keeping the country’s interests and the patient’s wellbeing at the heart of everything it does. Through our logo, we aim to reflect this commitment by incorporating the colours & elements from the Indian tricolour and Ashok Chakra. The colours symbolise OPPI’s dedication to innovating for India, in India and striving towards a brighter future for all its citizens. ‘Bharat Ke Liye’ is the expression of our sentiment towards the country; how OPPI has been an integral part of India’s progress story.


The logo showcases two hands of nurturing and caregiving – implying how OPPI and its member companies are committed to taking India to newer heights, backed by research & innovation in healthcare. The hands also highlight the story of our 3 C’s- converge, collaborate and co-create – signifying how, by coming together, we are working to make healthcare better and more accessible for everyone in India. The heart made of a capsule breaking apart is also an integral part of the logo, expressing our commitment towards patient centricity and making medical care more advanced with technological innovation. The DNA strands reiterate OPPI’s dedication to research, whereas, the chemical compound highlights medical innovation.


The logo is also minimalistic to ensure that the message is easily understandable and can be appreciated over a period of time. This will help enhance awareness about the wide healthcare spectrum, while also giving an understanding of how OPPI’s commitment towards India will help shape its future.

Ad Manifesto

The manifesto from OPPI and its member companies outlines their long-standing commitment to India, from the past to the present and also the future. The first part talks about OPPI and its member companies’ legacy and its efforts towards enabling a thriving future for India. The second part focuses on the three C’s, highlighting how OPPI has been adopting new technologies through the present day while converging, collaborating and co-creating with various stakeholders to relieve India of its disease burden. The third part is forward-looking and highlights OPPI’s promise to the future of the country by reiterating its vision for @IndiaAt100.


Hum Hai Bharat Ke Liye


About OPPI

The Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India (OPPI) established in 1965, represents the research-based global pharmaceutical companies in India. OPPI has been an integral part of the healthcare journey of the country. We remain committed to supporting the nation’s healthcare objectives, putting patients at the core of all decision making and collaborating with all stakeholders to find sustainable solutions to realize the collective vision of Health for All.


Our member companies have been serving the country’s healthcare ecosystem since pre-independence and continue to remain committed to patient safety and providing quality care in the future as well. As an association, our advocacy decisions, patient commitment and work are always keeping the country first and we embody the spirit of working for ‘Bharat Ke Liye’; driven with innovation to find solutions for unmet medical needs, collaboration with government stakeholders, and co-creation with partners coming together to address the nation’s healthcare challenges. We are committed to the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi-ji’s clarion call of ‘Jai Vigyan and Jai Anusandhan’.



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