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The Global Call to Action Summit aims at ending preventable child and maternal deaths

Addressing the ‘Global Call to Action’ Summit 2015 being attended by representatives of 24 nations, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “The message is of our commitment, that we will ensure that every woman, every child who can be saved will be saved.” We also need to make a clarion call to the world to join hands in taking such steps that would ensure this. “India stands committed to not only allocate resources towards this in our country, but also to help the world and all those countries which needed any support. It is my personal vision and my Government’s firm commitment,” the Prime Minister said.

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The state of Healthcare in India

Yesterday we celebrated World Health Day and our Prime Minister reiterated the hope of a healthy India and access to affordable medicines. However it is very discouraging that Healthcare in India still does not seem to be receiving the priority it deserves!

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Bring health to centre stage now!

Each year around this time those of us concerned with the status of health in India dream a big dream and wait for the Finance Minister to deliver on this in some measurable and effective way. There have been some years of disappointment and some of promise. Now once again we urge the government to give health spending in India the boost it urgently needs.

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