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Why India Needs Stronger IPR

Rod Hunter in his piece in the Business Standard, Why India Needs Stronger IPR focuses on the need for stronger IP protection and higher levels of R&D would lead to stronger growth of employment and wages across several industries in India.

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Protecting IPR regime will bring new medicines

It is short-sighted to view patents as blocking access to life-saving drugs, or to see patented medicines and generic drugs as mutually exclusive. The latter exist because someone invested in research and innovation to invent the former. A robust intellectual property rights (IPR) framework promotes the development of new medicines and encourages investment in innovation.

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Initial Response to the draft IPR Policy

The Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion has invited comments on the draft IPR policy and we will submit these soon. We look forward to an efficient and transparent system, which supports all the sectors that deal with intellectual property and especially the pharmaceutical industry.

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